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Lara | April 2017

Date April 17, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

      LARA'S PROFILE Age: Thirteen | Religion: Christian (Catholic) | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/Caucaisan Lara is a delightful thirteen-year old girl who will light up the room with her bubbly personality! Hosting tea parties, doing puzzles and dancing to music are some of her favourite things to do. Lara is happy and loves to make people laugh, although there are some occasions when she can be very persistent to have things...

Eleanor, Billy and Charlie | April 2017

Date April 3, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

      ELEANOR, BILLY AND CHARLIE'S PROFILES Age: Fifteen | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/Aboriginal Like many teens her age, Eleanor enjoys hanging out with her friends and spending time at the mall. She also loves to listen to music, with pop and country at the top of her list! Eleanor hope to start taking piano lessons again, and further displays her creative side by drawing and painting. Age: Fourteen | Ethnicity/Race:...

Kurtis | March 2017

Date March 14, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

      KURTIS' PROFILE Age: Eleven | Religion: Catholic/Islam | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/Lebanese/White Kurtis is a sweet,  eleven-year-old boy who is best described as warm, cuddly and affectionate. When Kurtis is at the park, he likes to toss his ball around and, when at home, he likes to play and build with blocks. His absolute favourite pastime is to splash around in the pool. Kurtis really enjoys collecting empty...

Allen | March 2017

Date March 1, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

      ALLEN'S PROFILE Age: Eleven | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/Aboriginal Allen is an endearing eleven-year-old boy who has a big smile that lights up the room. Allen is very curious about learning and his creative imagination produces amazing LEGO projects. He is always eager to share the workings of his creations, chatting with an excitement that shows in his beautiful brown eyes. Allen loves to play in the outdoors and he...

Jax | February 2017

Date February 14, 2017 Author Mantis System Categories Monthly Profile

      JAX'S PROFILE Age: Eight | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/Caucasian Jax is a very outgoing and social eight-year-old boy whose proudest moment was when he caught his first fish! He is a polite and well-mannered child who is talkative and who loves to contribute to conversations when his interest is peaked. He is very social and likes to be where the people are. Jax enjoys the outdoors and especially loves to play...

Dominic and Alexander | February 2017

Date February 1, 2017 Author Mantis System Categories Monthly Profile

      DOMINIC AND ALEXANDER'S PROFILES Age: Four | Religion: Christian (Orthodox) | Ethnicity/Race: Ukranian/Caucasian Dominic and Alexander are two sweet brothers who are a joy to be around. Like many kids his age, Dominic loves to watch the TV shows "Paw Patrol", "Octonauts", and "Peppa Pig". He is in the stage where he enjoys “pretend play” and he is able to create imaginative stories through playing house or using...

Trent | January 2017

Date January 17, 2017 Author Mantis System Categories Monthly Profile

      TRENT'S PROFILE Age: Seven | Ethnicity/Race: French/Irish/Métis Trent’s sweet grin and charm can win anyone over. He is a curious, playful and active boy. Trent has a great sense of humour and thinks of himself as “hilarious”. He loves to be outdoors and especially enjoys swimming, soccer, rollerblading and riding his bicycle. However, as of late, he is more concerned about how his hair looks. Trent is a...

Dalton and Adam | January 2017

Date January 3, 2017 Author Mantis System Categories Monthly Profile

      DALTON AND ADAM'S PROFILES Age: Eleven | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/Caucasian Dalton is a natural athlete who excels in sports, with soccer being his absolute favourite. Seen as a star player on his team, Dalton is described as a pleasure to coach. Dalton loves telling his story about his stellar goal which helped his team win in the championship game! Dalton also enjoys showcasing his well-practiced soccer skills such...

Hal | December 2016

Date December 15, 2016 Author Mantis System Categories Monthly Profile

      HAL'S PROFILE Age: Nine | Religion: Muslim (non-practicing) | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/South Asian Hal loves soccer and played on a team this summer. He enjoys swimming, traveling, bike riding, building elaborate creations with Lego, as well as any activity that includes the whole family. Hal has many friends from school that he spends time with as well. He is now enjoying reading sports books. Hal has worked hard to...

Ethan | December 2016

Date December 1, 2016 Author Mantis System Categories Monthly Profile

      ETHAN'S PROFILE Age: Eight | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/Caucasian There is no end to what Ethan can do. Ethan is a very active boy, especially through sports and activities provided to him through school and home. He really loves swimming and he has enhanced his skills in the pool and has become an excellent swimmer. He also enjoys horseback riding and working with horses. Ethan finds comfort in working with the horses...

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