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Eleanor, Billy and Charlie | April 2017

Date April 3, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

 Like many teens her age, Eleanor enjoys hanging out with her friends and spending time at the mall. She also loves to listen to music, with pop and country at the top of her list! Eleanor hope to start taking piano lessons again, and further displays her creative side by drawing and painting. Sporting carefully styled hair and a charming smile, Billy likes to be around people and enjoys being the life of the party! He is happy to spend quality time with adults, choosing to do activities...

Hal | December 2016

Date December 15, 2016 Author adoptontarioca Categories Monthly Profile

Hal loves soccer and played on a team this summer. He enjoys swimming, traveling, bike riding, building elaborate creations with Lego, as well as any activity that includes the whole family. Hal has many friends from school that he spends time with as well. He is now enjoying reading sports books. Hal has worked hard to become the well-mannered little boy he is today. He is generally compliant with routines and expectations in the foster home, but requires adult input to “keep on track”....

Nick | September 2016

Date September 14, 2016 Author adoptontarioca Categories Monthly Profile

 Nick loves to play video games, as well as play with his stuffed animals, cars and little figurines. He gets excited and needs to be politely reminded to keep his voice and noises to a minimum. Nick plays very well by himself, he does some nice arts and crafts projects and likes to play with animals. Nick had high expectations for himself and always wanted to be the best when playing with others. He is doing well at accepting that others might have different strengths than him. ...

Max | August 2016

Date August 16, 2016 Author adoptontarioca Categories Monthly Profile

Max has many interests and loves to learn more about various topics such as the “Titanic”. His many interests also include computers, building (Lego), puzzles, and he likes to learn about topics of interest. He enjoys various computer games and the challenge of “Minecraft”. Max has a lovely voice, and enjoys music and singing his favourite songs. Max attended camp this summer and enjoyed the experience.He also spends time at the cottage and loves participating in cottage activities...

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