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Trent | January 2017

Date January 17, 2017 Author adoptontarioca Categories Monthly Profile

Trent’s sweet grin and charm can win anyone over. He is a curious, playful and active boy. Trent has a great sense of humour and thinks of himself as “hilarious”. He loves to be outdoors and especially enjoys swimming, soccer, rollerblading and riding his bicycle. However, as of late, he is more concerned about how his hair looks. Trent is a talkative little guy who asks questions and listens intently to the answers. He loves to be helpful and is happiest when he is working alongside an...

Dalton and Adam | January 2017

Date January 3, 2017 Author adoptontarioca Categories Monthly Profile

Dalton is a natural athlete who excels in sports, with soccer being his absolute favourite. Seen as a star player on his team, Dalton is described as a pleasure to coach. Dalton loves telling his story about his stellar goal which helped his team win in the championship game! Adam enjoys playing outdoors and will put all his energy into doing his best at whatever sport he is taking part in. At the same time, Adam also likes to settle into some quiet time, such as watching his favourite show,...

Hal | December 2016

Date December 15, 2016 Author adoptontarioca Categories Monthly Profile

Hal loves soccer and played on a team this summer. He enjoys swimming, traveling, bike riding, building elaborate creations with Lego, as well as any activity that includes the whole family. Hal has many friends from school that he spends time with as well. He is now enjoying reading sports books. Hal has worked hard to become the well-mannered little boy he is today. He is generally compliant with routines and expectations in the foster home, but requires adult input to “keep on track”....

Ethan | December 2016

Date December 1, 2016 Author adoptontarioca Categories Monthly Profile

There is no end to what Ethan can do. Ethan is a very active boy, especially through sports and activities provided to him through school and home. He really loves swimming and he has enhanced his skills in the pool and has become an excellent swimmer. He also enjoys horseback riding and working with horses. Ethan finds comfort in working with the horses and this calms him down. Ethan is athletic and he enjoys playing hockey and baseball. He has learned to canoe this summer and he now enjoys...

Jake | November 2016

Date November 1, 2016 Author adoptontarioca Categories Monthly Profile

 Jake has many hobbies and interests, especially crafts, video games and colouring. He loves to cook and try new foods. His all-time favourite foods are pizza and lasagna. Often times, Jake will be playing outside on his scooter and bike. He looks forward to the summer when he gets to attend summer camp. When Jake is not playing outside or in his room, he spends his time watching the Family Channel on TV. Jake always helps with chores in the home.     ...

Nick | September 2016

Date September 14, 2016 Author adoptontarioca Categories Monthly Profile

 Nick loves to play video games, as well as play with his stuffed animals, cars and little figurines. He gets excited and needs to be politely reminded to keep his voice and noises to a minimum. Nick plays very well by himself, he does some nice arts and crafts projects and likes to play with animals. Nick had high expectations for himself and always wanted to be the best when playing with others. He is doing well at accepting that others might have different strengths than him. ...

Aiden | September 2016

Date September 1, 2016 Author adoptontarioca Categories Monthly Profile

Eleven-year-old Aiden has a great sense of humour and loves to joke around. He is curious, inquisitive and eager to learn. He is social and enjoys being around other children and people. He likes to participate in activities, but also likes watching others. He is nonverbal and communicates effectively through the use of signs, gestures and his iPad. He sometimes needs reminders to be gentle when he becomes excited or upset.     ...

Max | August 2016

Date August 16, 2016 Author adoptontarioca Categories Monthly Profile

Max has many interests and loves to learn more about various topics such as the “Titanic”. His many interests also include computers, building (Lego), puzzles, and he likes to learn about topics of interest. He enjoys various computer games and the challenge of “Minecraft”. Max has a lovely voice, and enjoys music and singing his favourite songs. Max attended camp this summer and enjoyed the experience.He also spends time at the cottage and loves participating in cottage activities...

Shawn | August 2016

Date August 1, 2016 Author adoptontarioca Categories Monthly Profile

Shawn is an active little boy who loves dinosaurs; he even knows the different names for some of them. He also enjoys puzzles, Lego, and electronics like his iPad and LeapFrog LeapPad. During the summer, Shawn participates in a number of activities including soccer, scootering, hiking, swimming, and boating. Last summer, Shawn attended a day camp without any additional supports and he loved it.  He also attended a church youth group throughout the year!   ...

Wyatt | July 2016

Date July 5, 2016 Author adoptontarioca Categories Monthly Profile

 Wyatt has aspirations to become a bricklayer and to operate his own company someday. He loves animals and music and would love a family with a dog. He really enjoys spending time with his friends, playing video games, attending summer camps and paintballing. He loves paintballing so much that he can’t wait to turn 16 so he can get a job as a paint ball referee. He is also a great role model for younger children and would like a job as a Leader in Training at Summer Camp.   ...

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