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Michael | September 2017

Date September 19, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Active and bursting with fun and energy, Michael loves to spend time outdoors going for walks, riding his bike and bouncing on the trampoline. For even bigger adventures, Michael enjoys going fishing and riding on an ATV. When he’s spending time inside, Michael likes to let his artistic side show through drawing, colouring, doing crafts, sculpting with Play-Doh and building with LEGO. Playing with toy cars and trucks, as well as enjoying his Nintendo DS and other electronics are also some...

Jenessa and Jeremy | September 2017

Date September 5, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

An avid dancer, Jenessa takes lessons in hip hop, ballet and lyrical dance. She has also taken an interest in soccer and would like to play hockey, so she is hoping to work on improving her skating. Regardless of the weather, Jeremy loves to be outside, especially if he’s playing sports! He likes to shoot hoops in the driveway and kick around a soccer ball. He enjoys playing hockey on the driveway and developing his skills at hockey camp.    ...

Layla | September 2017

Date September 5, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Layla loves to dress up and has an uncanny eye for colour and design. She enjoys looking at books to get ideas for drawing and colouring. Two of Layla’s favourite things are singing and the colour pink. She is a happy, bubbly and active girl who always wants to be involved with whatever is going on around her. In the past, Layla has participated in the children’s version of the Caribbean Carnival and has loved the lavish costumes and the music and dancing.  ...

Eva | September 2017

Date September 5, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Eva is a warm and friendly girl with a great outlook on life. She enjoys spending time with people and always engages in conversation with others. She takes great pride in her physical appearance and enjoys using her creativity in her physical presentation. Eva describes herself as a free spirit and loyal. Eva has spoken about her desire to be with a family where she can enjoy simple pleasures with them including having dinner together and watching movie “marathons”.   ...

Jeffrey | August 2017

Date August 15, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Jeffrey has a laugh that fills the room and will lift your heart. He has an easy temperament and a happy disposition. This lovable and social little boy is great at entertaining himself. He loves to play with toys that spin or any other game he can play on his own. He loves his own company and enjoys being on his own. Sometimes he is so focused and quiet that you will have to remind yourself that he is there. Jeffrey is an easy-going and good-natured boy who will need an engaging and...

Kimberly | August 2017

Date August 15, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Kimberly is an adorable and lovable girl. She has a beautiful smile and is very engaging and social. Kimberly is an outgoing girl with a very pleasant personality who loves giving and getting hugs. She has built wonderful connections to her foster family and the other workers who are a part of her life. Kimberly had experienced a minor medical condition at birth that affected her, but it has since been corrected. She has some cognitive and developmental needs, but has good language skills...

Mac | August 2017

Date August 15, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Mac is a very affectionate, social and happy boy. In his grade one year, Mac was recognized with an Empathy Award at school for his demonstration of warmth and caring for others. He is full of energy and loves being outside, especially camping and swimming. He is always on the go! Although Mac has a short attention span and changes activities frequently, if engaged in an activity he enjoys, his attention span is much longer. He enjoys looking at books as he knows the alphabet, numbers, colors...

Jenni | August 2017

Date August 1, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Give Jenni an opportunity to paint, colour, knit, mold or create and she will astound you her artistic skills! She loves arts and crafts or anything that involves being busy with her hands. She gravitates towards activities that involve being creative. She has many interest that are older than her age. Currently Jenni is involved in swimming and she also enjoys dance. She may be interested in taking dance classes in the future!     ...

Eldon | August 2017

Date August 1, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Eldon is an energetic and inquisitive child. He has a variety of hobbies that keep him engaged and entertained. He participates in Special Olympic swimming, as well as badminton, basketball, Tae Kwon Do and guitar lessons. He is also interested in learning about robotics and can be found reading, watching cartoons or playing games on the iPad. Eldon is a physically healthy and active child. He has some emotional needs due to difficult early life experiences. When he is having a difficult...

Serena, Lacey and Liam | July 2017

Date July 17, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Being a sister is a responsibility that Serena takes very seriously. Serena is a healthy child who sleeps and eats well, although she does need some extra encouragement to finish all of her veggies! Lacey is in her prime when taking part in activities where she can spend time with others, such as Sunday school and daycare. Although her caregivers have described her as a tad dramatic, she is easily calmed and redirected. Lacey can often be seen smiling and happy.   ...

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