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Brian | July 2018

Date July 17, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Creative Brian is ready to amaze you with his quick wit and large imagination! This special boy loves to make everyone around him laugh with his silly personality. He loves to be around others and feel like a family! Other than socializing with those around him, some of Brian’s favourite things include: the Captain Underpants book series, the Despicable Me movie (everyone loves those Minions!), and the toys inside Kinder Eggs. Brian also loves making up his own games on the spot! ...

Rob | July 2018

Date July 3, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Rob is a sports star! He loves to play all types of sports including basketball, volleyball and soccer. His interest in sports even extends to snorkeling and diving. He loves being active and some of his hobbies are skating, roller blading and biking. He even enjoys doing parkour in the parks. On his down time, he likes to play video games, watch movies, play cards, and read graphic novels. He enjoys drawing and likes listening to music. Rob loves cars very much and is eager to learn about...

Griffith | July 2018

Date July 3, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

  Griffith is a snuggle bug who loves cuddling with the important people in his life. One of his favourite things is the feeling of his caregivers' warm arms around him! Even when things get tough, Griffith continues to push forward with a bright smile and lots of giggles. His laugh is contagious and soon enough you will be laughing along with him!   GRIFFITH'S PROFILE Age: One | Ethnicity/Race:...

Zachary | June 2018

Date June 18, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Zachary is a cheerful young boy who absolutely loves to play his favourite game: hide and seek! Like most boys his age, he likes to play outdoors swinging, running, playing tag and swimming. When not outside, Zachary enjoys writing and colouring – especially in colour by numbers books – and drawing plants. He has two comfort items that he loves more than anything, and those are his blue blanket and his Zeenie doll. These two items mean the world to Zachary, and he keeps them nearby at...

Dean | June 2018

Date June 18, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

  Dean is a sports fanatic and can often be found watching “Sportsdesk”, which is his favourite TV show! He has a great memory when it comes to sports facts and statistics, and although his interest in sports varies, his all-time favourite will always be hockey! Aside from his love for sports, he also enjoys the nice weather where he go outside and splash around in the water. He recently learned how to swim and takes great pride in his swimming skills. When Dean is not playing...

Lilly, Abigail, Kelly and Tyler | June 2018

Date June 18, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Lilly is a spirited youth who loves animals. She really hopes to have a pet of her own one day! Abigail is a singing and dancing superstar! Currently she is perfecting her vocal talents by taking singing lessons. Kelly is an engaging child who is also a social butterfly! She loves to spread her wings by going to parties and play dates with her many friends. It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Super Tyler! This busy young boy is a superhero in training who loves playing on the playground and...

Zane | June 2018

Date June 5, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

An all-around likeable young man, Zane takes delight in a variety of activities. From sports to video games to preparing meals and even volunteering in his community, Zane always keeps himself busy. He has many talents and interests, and is always seeking to do well. Zane currently participates in three different sports teams, where he is extremely connected with his coaches. Being on these teams provide Zane with confidence, and gives him a sense of belonging.  ...

Peter | June 2018

Date June 5, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Peter has plans to be the Prime Minister of Canada one day! He is a natural performer and will have you roaring with laughter with his great sense of humour. His talents and interests also extend to drawing, electronics and a love for animals. He is very keen to explore new things with some support and encouragement.    PETER'S PROFILE Age: Ten | Religion: Christian | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/Aboriginal/White Peter has...

Lucie | April 2018

Date April 9, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Lucie is a loveable girl who loves dancing; swinging on the swings; watching shows on Treehouse TV; looking through picture books; and playing with her toys. She takes pride in her appearance and likes to dress up in “pretty” clothes. As dressing up is so much fun for Lucie, it makes sense that her favourite holiday is Halloween! She loves to learn and takes joy in her achievements. When she accomplishes something new, she will proudly announce “ta da!” in celebration.   ...

Kyle | March 2018

Date March 26, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Kyle is an active young man who wants to be a construction worker when he grows up. He loves any opportunity to burn some of his boundless energy and he currently enjoys karate, swimming, gymnastics and playing basketball. Kyle is very curious and will try new things without much hesitation. This can sometimes get him into trouble and he does best when he is closely supervised. He also always takes time to be well dressed and look his best!   ...

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