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Will | January 2019

Date January 23, 2019 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Monthly Profile

Age: Eight | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/White

A hands-on kid, Will can be found playing with puzzles, LEGOs and toy trains. In warm weather, he can be found outside jumping on the trampoline, playing in the sprinkler and blowing bubbles. Will is a happy-go-lucky boy who thrives off love and affection from caregivers.


“Happiness is not out there, it’s in you."

– Sankalp Shinde

Personality Academics

Will is a friendly, strong-willed and energetic child. A lovable boy, Will is very affectionate with caregivers and uses his adorable smile and warm hugs to show his affection. He is described as very intelligent by his worker, and loves to learn new words and sentences to communicate with others. He will warm your heart when he curls up on your lap and wants to spend time with you.

Will has supports in his school through an Individual Education Plan (IEP), a full-time Educational Assistant, and help from a special education teacher and a Classroom Core Worker. Will does well academically, and can read mostly on grade level. He has been working more and more on completing tasks independently.

Special Considerations Matching Considerations

Will is behind developmentally, but is making gains, especially when it comes to communication. He continues to learn more and more verbal communication, but also uses a picture system as well as some sign language. Will needs ongoing support to continue his developmental growth and meet his daily needs. He is involved in many health care professional and supportive services now, which is beneficial.

The agency is seeking a two parent family, or a single parent who has consistent support from family and friends. A family would need to be willing to be involved in many services in the community to help continue Will’s developmental growth. If you are a family who loves to snuggle and who can be strong advocates, please reach out to learn more about Will!

Openness Questions?

Will has ongoing contact with his former foster care provider, which is very beneficial for him. His birth family receives updates and photos on a semi-regular basis.

Please see Will's profile on the AdoptOntario Waiting Children list with the case ID 14164.

If you have questions about Will, please contact Lauren Glassman, Clinical Coordinator for the AdoptOntario program at:

1-877-ADOPT 20 ext. 2444 or [email]

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