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Levi | January 2019

Date January 23, 2019 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Monthly Profile

Age: Thirteen | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/White and Jamaican/Mixed Race

Levi is looking for a fishing partner to take him out on the lake and help him catch that big fish! He is super skilled at fishing already, and likes to make his own lures to catch a variety of fish.


“The act of fishing – for fish, dreams, or whatever magic is available – is enough. It transports us to a special world, and state of mind, where we are free."

– Fennel Hudson

Personality Academics

Levi is a charming, kind, caring teenager. He is always helpful to others, and works on striving to do his best. Levi has a great sense of humour and he will keep working at making you laugh. He also likes to clean, and always ensures that after his room his clean and tidy, he can help his caregivers out in the home. Levi is very spiritual, and he is active in his church’s youth group.

Levi likes school and is eager to participate in classroom learning. He is currently academically behind most of his peers, but he always ensures he works hard to do his best. Levi benefits from an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to assist him with transitions, behaviour, and his academics. He may benefit from a tutor long-term.

Special Considerations Matching Considerations

While growing up, Levi missed out on some emotional development and is learning how to handle stressful situations, how to make good choices and how to view the world around him. Levi benefits from medication that helps him with maintaining focus and regulating his mood.

Levi requires a forever family that will create a calm and nurturing environment, and assist him with gaining new emotional skills. He would like to live with a family that shares his Christian values, and that will nourish his relationship with his birth family.

Openness Questions?

Levi has a strong connection with his birth mother and siblings, and will need to maintain openness with them through communication and visits. Frequency and duration of visits for post-adoption have not yet been determined.

Please see Levi's profiles on the AdoptOntario Waiting Children list with the case ID 16609.

If you have questions about Levi, please contact Lauren Glassman, Clinical Coordinator for the AdoptOntario program at:

1-877-ADOPT 20 ext. 2444 or [email]

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