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Serena, Lacey and Liam | July 2017

Date July 17, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

    SERENA, LACEY AND LIAM'S PROFILES Age: Four | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/Caucasian Being a sister is a responsibility that Serena takes very seriously. Serena is a healthy child who sleeps and eats well, although she does need some extra encouragement to finish all of her veggies! Age: Two | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/Caucasian Lacey is in her prime when taking part in activities where she can spend time with others, such...

Suzie | July 2017

Date July 3, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

    SUZIE'S PROFILE Age: Seven | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/White Suzie is a cute little girl with hazel eyes and a big smile that can brighten up a room. Suzie is not particularly interested in toys, although she has begun to show an interest in electronic devices such as her iPad and tablet. She loves to sit on the couch with her special blanket as she plays games and watches shows on the devices. She has grown to be much...

Julia | June 2017

Date June 15, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

    JULIA'S PROFILE Age: Eleven | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/White Julia loves the sweet sound of music, especially when she can hear the beating of drums. She likes to be outside, going for walks and exploring, as well as swimming and playing in water. She is a very affectionate young girl who likes to snuggle with her foster parents. She also likes to play with balls and roll them back and forth with her caregivers. Her...

Nevaeh | June 2017

Date June 1, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

    NEVAEH'S PROFILE Ages: Fourteen | Ethnicity/Race: Kenyan/Black Nevaeh has dreams of one day being a FBI profiler, lawyer or police officer. She would love to help people and solve crimes! Nevaeh enjoys spending time at home, but when she is not at home she is attending Acro dance classes. Like many teenagers, she is very tuned in to using social media as a way of staying in touch with friends and passing time. She is...

Jenna | May 2017

Date May 15, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

      JENNA'S PROFILE Age: Fifteen | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/White Jenna has dreams of becoming a police officer someday. She has many interests and hobbies including art, drama, music, sports and, of course, caring for animals. She has a keen interest in horses and loves horseback riding. She is a very friendly fifteen-year-old with blonde hair, brown eyes and a slight build. Jenna is a very creative person who has a good...

Jarrett | May 2017

Date May 1, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

      JARRETT'S PROFILE Age: Seven | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/Jamaican/African/Black Jarrett is a lovable, affectionate and happy child with an endearing personality and a big smile! He loves to receive hugs and cuddles, and it is important for him that his caregivers love hugs and cuddles as much as he does. Jarrett is very enthusiastic and is always eager to take part in activities that allow him to run, jump and keep...

Lara | April 2017

Date April 17, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

      LARA'S PROFILE Age: Thirteen | Religion: Christian (Catholic) | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/Caucaisan Lara is a delightful thirteen-year old girl who will light up the room with her bubbly personality! Hosting tea parties, doing puzzles and dancing to music are some of her favourite things to do. Lara is happy and loves to make people laugh, although there are some occasions when she can be very persistent to have things...

Eleanor, Billy and Charlie | April 2017

Date April 3, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

      ELEANOR, BILLY AND CHARLIE'S PROFILES Age: Fifteen | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/Aboriginal Like many teens her age, Eleanor enjoys hanging out with her friends and spending time at the mall. She also loves to listen to music, with pop and country at the top of her list! Eleanor hope to start taking piano lessons again, and further displays her creative side by drawing and painting. Age: Fourteen | Ethnicity/Race:...

Kurtis | March 2017

Date March 14, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

      KURTIS' PROFILE Age: Eleven | Religion: Catholic/Islam | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/Lebanese/White Kurtis is a sweet,  eleven-year-old boy who is best described as warm, cuddly and affectionate. When Kurtis is at the park, he likes to toss his ball around and, when at home, he likes to play and build with blocks. His absolute favourite pastime is to splash around in the pool. Kurtis really enjoys collecting empty...

Allen | March 2017

Date March 1, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

      ALLEN'S PROFILE Age: Eleven | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/Aboriginal Allen is an endearing eleven-year-old boy who has a big smile that lights up the room. Allen is very curious about learning and his creative imagination produces amazing LEGO projects. He is always eager to share the workings of his creations, chatting with an excitement that shows in his beautiful brown eyes. Allen loves to play in the outdoors and he...

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